About Steve


Steven Uhthoff brings a lifetime of boating experience and his passion for proper boat repair to every surveying project. At the age of 7 his parents decided to go cruising and headed south for the islands. By the time Steve was 18 he had logged 30,000 miles of sailing experience. His father, Steve Sr., is a well known shipwright and boatyard owner. He naturally taught Steve Jr. his skills in the marine trade, from replacing a frame in a wooden boat to spiling a plank to fit the hull, to replacing a mast or even installing a new diesel.

Steve began his career at the age of 14 working for Annapolis Spars & Rigging, and progressed to boat building and all aspects of repairs. In the late 1980s, Steve was the owner and operator of Steve’s Yacht Repairs and Annapolis Harbor Boat Yard. In 2000, Steve sold the boatyard and opened Annapolis Gelcoat and Fiberglass Repairs. This diverse background has given Steve a great range of experience to identify potential problems and explain issues so they are easily understood. With a lifetime spent repairing and inspecting boats, Steve is known for providing the best and most comprehensive survey available. Steven Uhthoff also brings experience surveying today’s popular high performance cruising catamarans.

Steve began as an Annapolis marine surveyor, but today he is often traveling around the country and even around the world as one of the most experienced and respected marine surveyors in the industry. 

After a lifetime of working in almost every other aspect of the marine industry, Steve served an apprenticeship with Robert Noyce, Marine Surveyor. In September, 2006, Robert retired from the survey portion of R.A. Noyce & Associates. Robert continued to focus on new construction of Asian built vessels, while Steve launched Steven Uhthoff Marine Surveys.

If he’s not inspecting a boat, you’re still likely to find him out on the water—fishing, cruising, racing with friends or just poking around the Bay. Steve loves everything to do with boats, he enjoys meeting other boat owners and sharing his knowledge and experience during inspections.

Steve looks forward to discovering new boating equipment and learning about it as it comes out on the market. You’ll also find him using new inspection equipment such as an Infrared Imaging camera or his tablet computer and custom inspection software. Steve is an Accredited Marine Surveyor with SAMS® (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors) and a member of ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council). 

Steve even finds time to build boats. Here he is in the shop and at the helm of his very own design, dubbed the “Fishing Creek 15”.

STEVEN UHTHOFF's Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade.
Steven Uhthoff custom skiff
Steve builds his own custom skiffs.
Steve Uhthoff enjoying his skiff
Steve enjoying one of his skiffs.