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There is a minimum fee for boats under 35 feet.

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Steven Uhthoff is in demand for surveys of boats 35 feet and larger, up and down the East Coast and around the world. He is an expert monohull surveyor and a high-performance cruising catamaran surveyor. It comes down to his extensive track record and personal approach:  

EXPERIENCE – From cruising to working on boats, to inspecting hundreds of them, Steve knows more about more makes and models than just about anyone you’ll ever meet. He is also the best cruising catamaran surveyor you can find. 

INTEGRITY – Steve tells it like it is: the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s why prospective buyers love to hire Steve, while he makes most brokers nervous.

STATE OF THE ART – The primary tools of his trade are a digital camera and a tablet PC. Everyone involved appreciates the fast, comprehensive reporting.

PERSONABLE – Steve’s enthusiasm is contagious. He encourages you to follow along during the survey, to ask questions and learn all you can about your boat.He is

Steve’s detailed reports with a great deal of images and annotation, are light years beyond what you see from most surveyors.




Blister / Bottom Inspections
Engine Surveys
Oil Analysis
Ultrasound Audio Gauging