Blister and Bottom Inspections

Our expertise in bottom blistering is almost unmatched, due to the nearly 35 years of repair work we have conducted on hundreds of blister jobs.

During a bottom inspection, Steve is able to perform both destructive and nondestructive testing of the vessel’s bottom and analyze the extent of the blister damage. A laminate profile report is provided – this will help guide the selection of a repair professional well qualified for your needs.

We also offer Repair Evaluation and Repair Oversight services to help you evaluate and choose the best service provider—and to ensure you get precisely the work completed that your boat needs.

Give us a call to talk to the blister expert.

Some blisters are pretty obvious...

Obvious Boat Blister
Obvious blister on boat's hull

Others require an experienced eye!

Hard to see hull blister
The blister is invisible...
...the blister revealed...
...and fully exposed.