Insurance surveys are performed once you own a vessel. They are typically requested by your insurance company about every five years or once a vessel is over 10 years old. This type of inspection verifies for the insurance company that the overall condition of your boat is of suitable underwriting risk. It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to request an out-of-water inspection.


In an insurance survey, Steve will inspect safety related items such as safety equipment, inner hull, and below-waterline equipment like hoses and thru-hull fittings. He also looks at fuel lines, mast and rigging, and general structural condition of the deck and hull. Since the current condition and value of the vessel is to be determined, you’ll want to make sure that any vessel equipment of value is onboard for the inspection. An Insurance survey for a sailboat includes a Level 1 Rigging inspection.

Most insurance reports are emailed within 72 hours of the inspection, and a signed hard copy is mailed a few days after the email.