Engine Surveys

As part of our pre-purchase survey, we will conduct an engine survey. This is an exterior inspection of the engine for any telltales of problems. During sea trial, we will do wide-open-throttle testing to include RPMs, temperatures, vibrations, smoke, and leaks. We can also provide Oil Analysis. 

Complete engine surveys are always suggested on a pre-purchase inspection. An engine surveyor will look more at the internal workings to assure the propulsion system is in suitable condition. For an engine survey contact the following: Ken Navis, 410-923-1373 (gas & diesel), Tom Hug, 410-574-1625 (diesel), or Full Keel Marine Services, 410-246-1666.

If you would like an engine survey, please let us know in your survey request and we can assist in coordinating both inspections. Steven Uhthoff has been performing Annapolis marine surveys for decades and coordinates with other experts to service all your survey needs. 

Engine Survey