What is you survey fee?
Most of our pre-purchase surveys are on a daily rate. Insurance update surveys are completed on a per-foot basis and depend on the type and size of the boat. You will find most surveyors’ rates will vary and our fees are in the middle to the upper end of the price range, which usually correlates with the quality of inspections and reports. We believe you will find that any cost difference over a few dollars per foot will be negligible compared to what you could learn about possibly buying a problematic vessel.

When can you do a survey?
We typically can schedule a survey within a week’s notice, but this will vary depending on the time of year. As we are a full-time survey business we try to book inspections 5 to 6 days out of a week. The best thing to do is call well ahead and work out a chosen date. Surveys are only placed on the schedule once we receive a completed work order.

Can we be there during the survey?
Absolutely! It is your survey and we are there to help you gain knowledge of the vessel so you can best make your decision. We will help walk you through the inspection and answer your questions.

How long does it take to inspect the boat?
All survey time is directly related to the type of inspection, size of the boat, the overall condition of the boat and, yes, sometimes even the age of the boat. The average pre-purchase survey for a 40-foot boat will take all day. Always figure on a day-long survey and we can usually let you know ahead of time if it will be any longer than that. Most insurance surveys take a half to a full day.

Why should I use your services rather than another surveyor?
Not all surveyors are created equal. You will find that we are here to work for you and only for you. The lifetime of knowledge we have gained with our own yachts along with 35 years across all aspects of the repair industry has given us a unique insight into what to look for and expect with your inspection. It is also our pleasure to teach you what we know and help you find out about the vessel of your interest.

Are sea trials included with a survey and is one required?
Yes, a sea trial is normally part of a pre-purchase survey and is typically done after the bottom inspection. A sea trial is not a requirement but it is highly recommended when buying a vessel. Often finance companies will require a sea trial to be completed with a pre-purchase inspection. We normally do not do a sea trial for insurance surveys.

Do you inspect the rigging aloft?
Yes we do. Our standard pre-purchase survey includes a deck level inspection. An aloft rigging survey is a separate inspection that requires several more hours to complete and is therefore an additional service.

How soon do we get a report?
Reports are sent by email in PDF format, usually within 72 hours of the inspection, and a mailed hard copy is sent within 5 days of the emailed copy. Faster report turnarounds can be arranged.

Do you have any professional qualifications?
Yes. Steve is an Accredited Marine Surveyor in SAMS®, the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, a master certified member of ABYC, the American Boat and Yacht Council, and he is currently the only person in Maryland who holds a composite certification.

Are photographs included in your reports?
Yes, we do take photos and they are inserted throughout the report in the relevant sections. You will also receive digital files of all photos taken.

How do I pay you for your services?
We accept cash or checks at a discounted rate. VISA or MasterCard are also accepted. Fees are due in US funds at the time of inspection.

What is the fee for the vessel haul out or launch and who makes the arrangements?
The cost for each boat yard varies greatly, so it is best to contact the yard for their prices. We do recommend you contact the boat yard directly to schedule and discuss their services; they will also require your billing and contact information.

Does the boat have to be hauled for the survey?
If this is a pre-purchase survey, then yes, it is highly recommended. For insurance surveys, you should contact the insurance company and ask them if they need an in-water or an out-of-water inspection.

Your firm was recommended by the yacht broker. Why should we use you instead of picking our own surveyor?
You will find that our firm is not typically recommended by brokerage companies due to our reputation of telling the client exactly what we see. If we have been recommended by a broker it is because they are working for you and obviously want you to know the truth about the boat you are considering. We are well known as a “buyer’s” surveyor.

Does Steve have experience with catamarans?
Yes, Steve has been surveying catamarans for years, long before the recent popularity of high-performance cruising catamarans. You can have confidence that he understands he unique features and concerns that can come with catamarans. 

Steven is here to answer your questions